About Us

Beijing Hyperion Turbotek Co., Ltd.(BHT) is set up on July 2017.  BHT will contribute to energy saving and efficiency improvement for Chinese energy market via technical and commercial trading between Europe/US and China.  BHT will focus additionally the development of renewable energy and new energy sector.

Vinci Hyperion (Hong Kong) Limited(VHL) is a sister company of BHT, registered in Hong Kong on Feb. 2018 by same share holder.  Vinci Hyperion (Hong Kong) Limited will handle foreign currency contracts when RMB is not convenient for the project. 

VHL and BHT successfully passed TRACE due diligence in October 2020 and February 2021, respectively, and obtained TRACE certification reports and the right to use the "TRACE Certified" mark.

Vision: Contribution to the development of Chinas renewable energy, energy saving, and energy efficiency improvement.  

Mission:  Focus on brand-new technology, emerging technology which can bring values to customers

Strategy: Focus on trading with technical involvement between Europe / US and China.       

Our values: Professional, Reliable, Win - Win  

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