Business Focus

Power Plant ( CFPP, NPP, CCPP, Solar Thermal, Wind ) :

&& Variable speed drives for Boiler Feed Pump(BFP), ID fans.  

&& Auxiliary equipment for gas turbine, steam turbine, wind turbine, sCO2 Turbine, etc..  

&& Both new projects and retrofitting.   

Oil & Gas:  Power transmission & efficiency improvement products.  Aux. equipments for compressors, turbines, expanders, etc..

New Energy & Test Bench: Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Turbomachinery and its aux. equipment. 


BHT provides products for turbomachinery (including gas turbines, steam turbines,  pumps & compressors) as follows:

  1.  RENK RECOVAR-E, new generation speed regulation drive system (VFD and mechanical hybrid speed regulation system), the highest transmission efficiency is over 98%, and the efficiency is  about 2% higher in average comparing with VFD, and is about 16% higher than the hydraulic coupling.  RENK is leading player of special gearbox, huge power gearbox in global market. RENK’s Sales value is around EUR 500 Million.  RENK belongs to TRITON Group, who has 80,000 employees, and business size over EUR 16 Billion.

  2. RENK gear drives  (exclusive agent) :

        2.1 Speed Control Driving System of Extruder, SUPREX/CAREX for extruder drives, polyethylene / polypropylene (PE / PP) industry;

        2.2 Small gas turbine gear box COPAz, GT+GB+G, including start up devices, rotor turning devices, couplings etc.

        2.3 Large gas turbine load gear TA Series (gas turbine frame GE 6B / 6F technology;  Vacuum gear box etaX is available.  Or special application  gearboxes.

        2.4 large special couplings (diaphragm, disc, maintenance-free couplings), safety couplings;  RENK sleeve bearings; Synchronous clutch(Similar to SSS Clutch).  

  3. Celeroton AG: air compressors for hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen compressors as well as their drives and controllers. Special purposes compressor is available too.  High speed motors and controllers can be provided separately, as well as the design, evaluation and technology transfer of a full range of air compressors. Exclusive agent.

  4. Meggitt:   

4.1 Heatric printed circuit plate heat exchanger(PCHE), for gas turbine performance heater or rotor air cooling, 9H/7H type, 9F, 6F type; As well as the supercritical carbon dioxide(sCO2) recuperator, etc.

4.2 Control valves and actuators for gas turbine, e.g. fuel metering valves, air venting valves, etc. (small gas turbine: GE smaller than 6 series products, Rolls Royce, Solar and KHI).

  5. SUGINO Japan: It is a global leader in high-pressure water equipment with a maximum working pressure of up to 1500MPa and precise pressure control within 10,000 atmospheres. SUGINO "ultra-high pressure, ultra-fine particle, ultra-mirror, ultra-precision, ultra-high speed" technology under the application of various ultra-high pressure water cutting devices, ultra-high pressure water generation devices, ultra-high pressure water cleaning devices, mirror polishing devices, ultra-fine particle generation devices, nanofibers, etc., are in the industry leading position in related fields.

        5.1 SUGINO high-pressure cycle pressure test device: It can be used for the cyclic pressure test of 70MPa and above high-pressure hydrogen             bottles (up to 500L), applying more severe pressure than the actual use conditions for cyclic pulse test, which can realize the internal pressure fatigue test of the test object in a short time. The maximum test pressure can reach 140MPa; The test medium is ion exchange water. It can realize three pressure waveforms: sine wave, trapezoidal wave and triangular wave. Can achieve 6 cycles per minute; No fault within 1 million times; The maximum capacity of 500L gas cylinder can be tested; In addition to the standard test can also do -40℃ ~ 85℃ environmental testing; At present, Japan's Toyota, Honda and Japan Hydrogen Energy Products Research and Experiment Center (HyTReC) hydrogen bottle laboratories are using SUGINO equipment.

        5.2 SUGINO Pressure rupture test device: used to confirm the test subject's pressure resistance, as well as the design rupture pressure. SUGINO equipment is also used for HyTReC's hydraulic water burst test.  6. ITS Austria: flame detector, GE gas turbine control board spare parts, turbine control system MACH 7, TMOSCADA system.

        5.3 SUGINO ultra-high pressure water automatic cleaning robot: mainly used in the chemical industry, can be PVC, SPVC, ABS and other production equipment in the stirred tank automatic cleaning operations.

        5.4 SUGINO Biological NanoFibers BiNFi-s: It is a series of "ultra-fine fiber materials" that process cellulose, chitin, chitosan, silk and other biomass fibers into nanoscale (diameter 10 ~ 20nm, length several μm) by using Suskill's original "ultra-high pressure water jet technology". It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, low thermal expansion, high hydrophilicity, dispersion and emulsification stability, and environmental protection. It can be used in chemical, electronic/electrical, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pigments, fibers, building materials, food and other fields.

  6. ITS Austria ITS Company: flame detector, GE gas turbine control board spare parts, turbine control system MACH 7, TMOSCADA system.

  7. ROTOFLOW American (part of American Air Products Group) : Turbine expander.  

  8. FLG International: to recycle small gas turbines, like LM2500 series, 6F, etc..

  9. We also provide following products and welcome for any inquiry:

      * KAHN hydraulic dynamometer for gas turbine test bench

      * Torquemeters torque metering system

      * Hydrogen - Energy storage, energy recycling

      * ROTORK actuators

 The services we provide: 

Product consultation, product selection and quotation, import and export, Installation and commissioning guidance, operation and maintenance, maintenance services, spare parts, equipment rental, etc. 

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